Line We Love: Cheeky Cosmetics, Soho House’s Newest Beauty Venture


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Even guys who swear they couldn’t care less about beauty products love Cowshed, Soho House’s signature unisex beauty brand. Unfortunately, it can be cost prohibitive. Now, the brains behind the cult brand have introduced a new line of bath, body, haircare, cosmetics and nail polishes that not only lives up to the lofty standards set by Cowshed, but the products are sold at more affordable price points. Called Cheeky, the line launched in tandem with Cheeky Parlours at select Soho House locations.

In keeping with Cheeky’s frugal price points, Cheeky Parlours offers quickie spa treatments for those looking for a faster, more affordable alternative to Cowshed spas. The London and Berlin locations are already stocked with both Cheeky Parlours and products. We chatted with Christina Russillo, director of Cowshed in the U.K., to find out more about how Cheeky came about and plans for expansion.

theFashionSpot: How did Cheeky come about?

Christina Russillo: We like to think of Cheeky as Cowshed’s alter ego focusing on “how you look” compared to Cowshed’s “how you feel.” Cheeky is a great brand that focuses on instant beauty fixes that help you feel ready for the day or night ahead.


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tFS: How does the line compare to Cowshed in price and quality?

CR: Being Cowshed’s alter ego, we’ve used our knowledge in bath and body to help create Cheeky’s product range using high-quality ingredients, but at a more affordable price point. We are proud to say that all our products are created in the U.K. except for our nail paints, which are produced in France. Where possible, we’ve used natural active ingredients to ensure we maintain the Cowshed ethos, but with a Cheeky twist. 

tFS: Will you be expanding the line with new products on a regular basis?

CR: We’re always looking to introduce new, quirky and innovative products to the Cheeky range. We get ideas for new products from everywhere, whether it’s suggestions from our customers or from beauty trends we’ve seen developing. In fact, our flagship store, which is situated in Shoreditch, East London, is a great area to get inspiration from. Known for being a hub of creative talent, it’s the best place to people watch for the latest beauty and fashion trends! Our nail paints are a prime example; we bring out new, seasonal colors and formulas based on trend forecasting and what we see.


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tFS: Will you be opening additional spas in other Soho House locations?

CR: Yes, absolutely. Cheeky is growing all the time and getting more successful and well known globally. It has become an integral part of Cowshed and the Soho House brand and will continue to grow alongside it. So, watch this space for a Cheeky Parlour opening near you.