51 Cool and Easy Nail Designs That Anyone Can Pull Off

Need some manicure magic? Look no further than our ultimate roundup of the Internet’s coolest nail designs, from celebrity fingertips to ripped-from-the-runway manicures. Go beyond two coats of red with these nail art ideas that’ll convince your friends you got your nails done. The best part is, you don’t need to be a Michelangelo with a tiny brush or own a nail salon’s worth of tools to pull these off. Whether you’re searching for a statement style that’ll stand out at a party or a grown-up look that you can wear even at the office, these gradients, decals and patterns cover all the latest trends in nail art. We’ve gathered loads of easy nails designs that even lazy girls and the artistically challenged can work, plus all the product recommendations and precision tips you need to accomplish them at home. So, click through to find your next nail art.

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