10 Beauty Products to Fight the Symptoms of Summer

There’s a villain which hits town once a year, every year, which we like to call “The symptoms of summer”. If you don’t prepare for this adversary, chances are it will hang you out to dry. 

But because you can’t run and you can only try to hide from these symptoms, unless you can afford to go to Europe for three months, the best thing to do is face them head-on. Don’t stress, though.

We’re preparing you for the battle with a list of beauty products (below) which will not only be your weapon, but also your remedy if you should take a hit. Good luck, and remember: it’s always easier to prevent damage than to heal it.

Symptom: Colour Loss

While we think every skin tone is beautiful, for those who are used to being tanned but have spent the last few months under layers of clothes, you might not be feeling yourself without a bit of colour. There’s a healthy and sun-smart way to boost your confidence, with none other than a generous application of fake tan.

Weapon: Clarins Self Tanning After Sun Moisturiser (150 ml), $40

Clarins after sun moisturiser
This natural-bronze colour is perfect for that early-season pale skin. It will speed up the process by intensifying your natural tan while keeping your skin supple and hydrated under the summer sun.