17 Insanely Cool Lip Art Looks You Have to See to Believe

Lip art — the attention-grabbing beauty trend that has people creating mini masterpieces on their pouts — is bringing new meaning to the term statement lips. Fans of the trend are using lip color to create everything from heart- to flame-decorated lips, which clue people into the wearer’s mood. And while everyday pink and red lipsticks do pop up in lip art creations, it’s more likely that you’ll see unusual hues (think blue, green and even neon shades) used in bold, yet beautiful, ways.

But lip art creation doesn’t stop with the clever use of lipsticks, liners and glosses. Fans of the trend can get pretty crafty, using everything from decals and rhinestones to glitter and sprinkles to draw attention to their mouths. It’s a beauty phenomenon worth checking out if only to appreciate the creativity and care that goes into executing such stunning looks. So with that in mind, we’ve rounded up 17 jaw-dropping lip art looks that may encourage you to retire that traditional red lipstick in favor of making a lip art statement of your own.

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