16 Hair Looks That Will Convince You to Go Lavender

While many of us reserved experimenting with rainbow hued hair color for our angst-filled middle school days, more and more women are embracing bright hair colors long after having moved past their torturous teenage years.

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And when it comes to rainbow hued hair dye, no style is quite as versatile as lavender hair. Not only does the pastel shade work just as well on brunettes as it does on blondes, it has the added bonus of taking standard, everyday hairstyles — think your go-to ponytail or messy top knot — from mundane to magical.

But if you still think the lavender hair color trend is strictly reserved for millennials, consider this: the light hue does an excellent job of hiding those stubborn grays that pop up eventually. All that and it lends its wearers an ethereal quality that’s sure to turn heads. But don’t take our word for it. Check out these 16 lavender hair looks that prove how lovely the shade really is.