How to Wear the New Curly Bangs Trend

Curly bangs are the latest breakout accessory to hit this season. They add a quick and dramatic change to your look. But rocking the right style can be tricky, even if you’re a naturally curly-headed gal. We asked Ricky Pennisi, a curly hair guru and founder of RI CI products, for tips on achieving the perfect curly bang style according to the shape of your face.

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For Square Faces or Large Foreheads

Ask for heavy bangs since they soften the face and create a dramatic look that focuses on showcasing the eyes. Ask your stylist to make the hair on the forehead more feathery and longer on the sides near the temples. The bangs should hit just below your eyebrows, but shouldn’t touch your eye.

For Heart Faces or Smaller Foreheads

Sideswept curly bangs are a great way to balance your face. They create the illusion that your forehead is a bit longer. Plus, the slightly sexy style is easy to do. It’s as simple as parting your hair on the side of your choosing.

For Round Faces

The right bang cut can actually give the illusion of elongating your face. The curly bangs should be graphic, thick and hit just above the eyebrows.

For Oval Faces

Have some fun! Nearly any type of fringe that hits right below the brow bone accentuates the face and softens your features.

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Now that you know the right curly bang style for your face shape, here are some tips from Butterfly Studio Salon’s expert stylist Amanda Colihan on how to style your new fringe.

Embrace What Mother Nature Gave You

While your hair is still wet, mix your favorite styling product cocktail and use it to twist your bangs into a bunch of little curly sections. After your curls air-dry, shake them out or separate them. Pull on a few sections to play with different levels of bounce and stretch.

Redefine Your Curls

With your fingers and your blowdryer on low, using only your fingers, use some tension while drying and twisting your hair at the same time. This is a way of smoothing out your hair a bit while still using its natural texture to get the end result.

Switch It Up

One of the great things about curls and texture is their holding power. Section curly bangs back and pin them down, then using your fingers, pull on a few different spots for wanted height and texture. Another easy option: Braid them into a longer section of hair and pin the whole thing up to make a cute side braid that will perfectly pair with any up or down ‘do.

With the right cut and styling know-how, you can just have fun and experiment with different looks. Check out the stars and It girls above for curly bangs inspo.

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