11 Quick and Easy Ways to Cover Gray Hair — Without Hitting the Salon

If you’ve ever had gray hairs, then you know spotting them is like engaging in the world’s saddest game of peekaboo ever. Because you can always spot the single glaringly white strand hanging out among the thousands of hairs on your head, and it never fails to make you feel like you’re losing the race against time (AKA getting old).

But whether you have a few silver strands or enough that you constantly have to deal with gray roots, there’s more than one way to beat the battle against grays — and not all of them involve trips to the salon. In fact, some of our favorite hacks for hiding gray hairs are so easy that you could probably do them right now with items you already own.

So, if you’re ready to say “game over” to your grays, check out these 10 quick-and-easy ways to cover gray hair.

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