Festival Beauty: 6 Instagram-Ready Eye Looks That Stand Out in the Crowd

From vibing under bright lights to dancing under the stars, summer festival season is a time to rock out with major beauty looks. We’re talking floral crowns, wicked nail art and tribal tattoos to score Insta likes for days. The last thing you want during the revelries is smudged makeup — and thankfully, Make Up For Ever’s new Aqua XL Eye Pencils easily solve that problem. They provide rich, intense color that glides on easily, but won’t fade, crease or smudge until you remove it. They’re guaranteed to last through sweat, tears and scorching heat. Plus, the 20 standout shades in matte, diamond, satin, iridescent and metallic finishes can’t be beat.

To help you get into the groove, we’ve assembled six creative festival looks, from the boho classic to an out-of-this-world take, using Aqua XL’s eye-catching pencils.

Rebel Princess



For the badass chick with the killer gaze.

Get the eye look:

Colortrip Babe



For the bold girl who isn’t afraid of color.

Get the eye look:

  • Sweep a shimmery mimosa shade (Shadow Diamond Finish 410) all over the eyelid using a medium eye shader brush. Blend well into eye crease.
  • Next, define the inner corner of the eyes with a pastel blue liner (Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-26) and smudge with a precision blender brush. Then, intensify the hue with a celestial blue shadow (Artist Shadow Diamond Finish 206).
  • For the outer corners, carve out the area with a diamond brown liner ( Aqua XL Eye Pencil D-62). Set it with a celestial brown shadow (Artist Shadow Diamond Finish 652) and with an angled shader brush, blend the color into the crease.
  • As the pièce de résistance, draw a thick, white cat eye using Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-16 and rim the waterline in a pastel yellow (Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-40).
  • Finish off the look with two inky coats of mascara.

Mauve Boho



For the haute hippie who radiates an amethyst aura.

Get the eye look:

  • Apply an iridescent purple (Aqua XL Eye Pencil I-90) all over the eyelid. Using a precision blender brush, blend well into crease.
  • Then with a medium shadow brush, layer an orchid shadow (Artist Shadow Metallic Finish 912) across your lid.
  • Next, envelop your eye in a morello cherry color (Artist Shadow Matte Finish 846) for a soft, smoky halo effect.
  • Add extra definition by lining your upper and lower lash line with dark purple liner (Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-80). Then, smudge with an electric purple shade (Artist Shadow Iridescent Finish 922) for a heightened effect.
  • Press a sparkly champagne hue (Diamond Powder 11) onto lids and apply white gold (Diamond Powder 2) under the eye to give your gaze a razzle-dazzle pop.
  • Top lashes with a couple coats of rich, dark mascara.

Tribal Warrior



For the gal who rocks to her own beat.

Get the eye look:

  • Apply an iridescent khaki green shade (Aqua XL Eye Pencil I-36) over your entire eyelid. Using a medium eye shader brush, blend the color into the crease.
  • Next with a medium shadow brush, sweep a layer of golden khaki shadow (Artist Shadow Diamond Finish 320) over the area. Use Matte Finish 636 and blend along the crease and under the eyes to create a soft, smoky halo.
  • Line your waterline with a brown pencil (Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-60).
  • With a white pencil (Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-16), draw two vertical lines over your right eye. Punctuate the ends with a couple dots.
  • Finish the look by coating your lashes with a couple of inky layers of mascara.

Psychedelic Nymph



For the trippy maiden who likes to vibe.

Get the brow look:

  • Have your brows stand out in a trio of bright colors. First, apply a bright pink (Artist Shadow Diamond Finish 850), then an electric purple (Artist Shadow Iridescent Finish 922) and lastly, a metallic tangerine (Artist Shadow Metallic Finish 734).

Get the eye look:

  • Then, shade your entire eyelid with a pastel yellow tone (Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-40); blend well into the crease. Then using a medium eye shader brush, set the yellow hue with an eggshell shadow (Artist Shadow Matte Finish 530). Next, using an angled shader brush, define the crease with a taupe gray shade (Artist Shadow Satiny Finish 556).
  • Apply jet black liner (Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-10) on your upper lash line, from the outer corner all the way across, winging it out slightly. Then, line the bottom lash line with an iridescent purple hue (Aqua XL Eye Pencil I-90) and smudge with Artisan Brush 216. To make the area pop, rim your waterline with white liner (Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-16).
  • Finish with three coats of black volumizing mascara.

Recreate the face design:

  • With a matte white pencil (Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-16), draw two horizontal lines across the bridge of your nose. Fill in the middle with the white shade. Next, create a faint ombre effect by layering the sides of your nose with an iridescent electric purple hue (Artist Shadow Iridescent Finish 922), fading into the white with the outer edges gradually amped up to a bright nitro pink (Artist Shadow Diamond Finish 850).
  • Using the same matte white pencil, draw two half circles on either side of your nose, extending to the ends of the horizontal line.
  • Lastly, with a copper liner (Aqua XL Eye Pencil ME-42), follow the area underneath the shaded ombre, outline with dots.

Galactic Raver



For the go-with-the-flow gal with an out-of-this-world energy.

Get the eye look:

  • Smooth a dark brown shade (Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-60) all over your eyelid, then blend into the crease. Next, using a precision highlighter brush, layer praline-colored shadow (Artist Shadow Iridescent Finish 634) on top, blending well into the crease for extra depth.
  • With a diamond black pencil (Aqua XL Eye Pencil D-12), line your upper and lower lash lines. Smudge the lines with a precision blender brush.
  • Next, using an angled shadow brush, apply a dark espresso hue (Artist Shadow Matte Finish 618) under the eye and into the crease.
  • Rim your waterline with a white pencil (Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-16).
  • Finish the look by layering on extra-dark mascara.

Recreate the face design:

  • Using a seafoam liner (Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-30), a bronze liner (Aqua XL Eye Pencil ME-42) and a lilac liner (Aqua XL Eye Pencil M-92), create a curved dot pattern from your brow bone to the top of your cheekbone to emphasize the outer regions of your eyes.
  • Then with the same pencils, create a straight dot pattern underneath the center of your bottom lip to your chin.