Tired of Smoky Eyes? Try a Cut Crease Look Instead

The smoky eye may be the ultimate going-out makeup look for many of us, but cut crease eyeshadow is giving it some major competition. The perfect smoky eye is about a blended look that makes it hard to tell where one shadow begins and another ends. Cut crease makeup is basically the opposite. The ideal cut crease eyeshadow look has a razor-sharp line where the shape on your lid ends and the one on your crease begins. A quick Instagram scroll is all the proof you need that cut crease makeup is aptly named and worthy of all the knife emojis that often accompany the images. They’re that precise.

While cut crease eye makeup may have a distinct finish, it’s still versatile. You can create your own version using different contrasting shadows, or try similar tones for a subtle effect. And don’t forget what a difference glitter and a flick of eyeliner can make. Once you’ve experimented with a few looks, you can even try a double cut crease.

Another bonus about cut crease eye makeup is that the look works for all eye shapes. Whether you have monolid eyes, hooded eyes or deep-set eyes, you can tweak the look to enhance your peepers. Pick up your makeup brushes and get inspired by these gorgeous cut crease eye makeup looks.