35 Cool Winged Eyeliner Ideas to Feast Your Eyes On

When it comes to swiping on the perfect cat eye, we’ve all got our tricks. Some outline their wings using the edges of a spoon to achieve those elusive identical angles. Others use business cards and clear tape to the same end. Suffice it to say, the majority of us have standard winged eyeliner down pat by now — with or without convenient aids. Nowadays, we’re searching for something more. We’re looking to experiment, get creative, put our wrist-flicking skills to the test. Whether you’re ready to try your hand at an architectural swoop inspired by the late Zaha Hadid, give your lids a chrome finish or just add a touch of interest to your classic cat eye, click through the slideshow above for all the winged eyeliner inspiration your heart desires. Your gaze will never be the same.

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