39 Gorgeous Images That Prove Brown Hair Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

How we choose to wear our hair and style our person says a lot about how well we care for ourselves and what statement we want to make to the world. By touting our brown hair color, by no means are we saying, “I am boring.” Rather, “I don’t think bimonthly visits to the salon are a worthwhile investment,” may better describe our attitude. Or perhaps we feel that “brown hair complements my natural skin tone better than any other shade because, duh, that’s the hue I was born with.”

No matter where you fall on the Fischer–Saller scale, whether your locks are maple, walnut, chocolate, cinnamon or some other non-edible classification, let no one tell you brown hair color is akin to basic. If you feel most at ease with your tresses free-flowing and defiant, by all means, “take back” the 70s, “take back” length. If you’re not content with casual and want your brown hair color to stand out from the black, blond, pastel and fellow brunette masses, click through the slideshow above for 39 inspiring images that prove brown hair is capable of the most fun.

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