Watermelon Hair: The Tasty Summer Color Trend That’s Still Going Strong

When the weather is sweltering, there’s no fruit more appetizing than watermelon. Whether you favor crimson sweets, jubilees, mickylees or any other of its delicious incarnations, this low-calorie fruit offers up a wealth of cool refreshment. But from all its palatable guises, our favorite this summer is one that spotlights watermelon’s vast range and versatility. No, we’re not talking about a new soup, salad or drink. Instead, we’re talking about the latest hair color trend to sweep up Instagram. This summer, beauty gals have taken the coolest fruit of the season and used it as inspo for their hair color. Yep, you heard right. Girls are dyeing their hair pink and green to resemble the juicy fruit — and it’s surprisingly pretty. And whether the cravings are mellow pastels or fiery brights, the watermelon hair color trend can be adapted to suit a variety of tastes.

So in honor of National Watermelon Day (August 3), here’s a compilation of some of the sweetest looks of summer’s tastiest hair color movement.