Why Cleansing Sticks Are the Next Big Skin Care Trend

If you haven’t dabbled in the cleansing stick beauty phenomenon yet, you’re missing out. Cleansing sticks are the latest skin care fad to hit the market and it’s easy to see why. For starters, they make traveling with your favorite cleanser a whole lot easier since they’re considered a solid versus a liquid. Not to mention that they take up virtually no space and won’t spill all over your precious cargo. Second, they’re like do-all formulas in a tiny little stick. And one of our favorite components of these handy sticks is that they can be applied straight to the face, meaning no germs added into the mix.

We can think of many more reasons why they’re the next big skin care trend, but we’ll let you thumb through the slideshow and see for yourself. Whatever your concerns or needs, there’s a cleansing stick for that!

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