7 Bespoke Beauty Kits You Can Customize to Suit Your Needs

There’s nothing worse than buying a beauty product and discovering that it doesn’t suit your concerns or adapt to the changing needs of your hair and skin. Luckily, you don’t need to know a cosmetic chemist and drop a chunk of change to get your own personalized products. More and more custom beauty kits are launching that allow you to tailor the products to suit your beauty needs.

If you have already played around with product cocktailing, you’re going to love bespoke beauty kits. They make things easy by giving you all of the different products you can mix in one handy kit — and this kind of mixing and matching is just as fun as the fashion kind. You’ll feel like you have your own apothecary when you’re selecting your custom lotions and potions.

Not only do the kits allow you to indulge your inner mad scientist, they’re also practical. You’re not just getting personalized results for your hair and skin, you’re also getting the option to change things up as you go. For instance, if your hair is dry one day but feeling a little greasy the next, you can simply tweak your formula. Want more of a musky perfume instead of a refreshing one? Combine two different bottles. Customizable beauty kits are fun, fast and effective. What’s not to love? If you want to get in on the mixing game, scroll through the gallery to see the bespoke beauty kits that give you personalized results.