Bobbi Brown Is Leaving Her Cosmetics Empire Behind

We hope you’re wearing Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Liquid Liner (or no makeup at all) as you’re reading this, or else there might be smudging. On Monday, Bobbi Brown — makeup artist, entrepreneur and pioneer of the natural beauty movement — announced she’ll be parting ways with her eponymous cosmetics brand. The separation will reportedly take place by the end of 2016 aka within the next 10 days.

According to Bobbi, her Estée Lauder-owned label’s 25th anniversary was something of a wake-up call. It “made me realize it was time to start a new chapter and move on to new ventures,” she stated, not divulging what said ventures will entail. Thankfully, this won’t be as much of an earth-shaking move to those at the brand as it is to us personally. Peter Lichtenthal, global brand president, currently oversees all things Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and will continue to do so in its founder’s absence.

Brown got her start as a makeup artist working on both editorial shoots and backstage at fashion shows throughout the 1980s. In 1991, she founded the now iconic brand that would #bless us with cult products like Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick, Bobbi Brown Sequin Eye Shadow and Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color. “Today the brand is sold in over 70 countries and is a top makeup artist brand founded by a woman,” praised Bobbi’s former boss Fabrizio Freda, president and CEO of Lauder.

We’ll leave you with these words of wisdom from the original #GirlBoss: “Figure out what you want to do. Try things. Be nice to everyone — and not only because they’ll do something for you but just in general. You never know what people are going through. Have an open heart and an open mind.”

Thank you, Bobbi Brown, for your makeup wizardry. For paving the way for Glossier. For being you. We look forward to witnessing your next act.

[ via WWD ]