Cool White Eye Makeup Is the Antidote to a Cold Gray Winter

It’s time to put those black and brown eyeshadows down. We know it may be hard, but there are other shades in your makeup bag that are worthy of some attention, too. And one of the more underappreciated colors is white eye makeup. You probably use the soft shade as a highlight on your brow bone on a regular basis, but if that’s the only place you’re using it, you’re missing out on some ethereal beauty looks.

White eye makeup can sometimes get a bad rap as being dated or too harsh, but there are countless formulas to choose from so you can find the most flattering shade. You don’t even need to limit yourself to eyeshadow. White eyeliner or even a white mascara are welcome additions to any makeup bag.

While some may say white clothes are a no-no in the winter months (not us!), the rule definitely doesn’t apply to makeup. In fact, white eye makeup is the perfect thing to wear on a snowy winter day for a pretty ice princess look. What are you waiting for? Be inspired by these different white eye makeup ideas to try a softer look.

Images: Imaxtree