16 Reasons Why Blorange Hair Is the New Rose Gold

If the dark days of winter have got you down, there is a new dreamy hair color trend for 2017 that will perk you right up — blorange hair. You may have noticed blorange dye jobs steadily popping up on your Instagram feed thanks in part to celebs like Georgia May Jagger and Sienna Miller sporting the look. The hair color trend has skyrocketed lately, though. You can attribute it to the weather or the fact that blorange hair color looks so good that people just want to try the style out.

If you’re still team rose gold hair, you’re going to like blorange. Allison Rappel, a colorist at the Antonio Prieto Salon in New York City, explains that “blorange” is short for blood orange hair and it is created using varying hues of rose, orange, red, peach and yellow. Sound a bit familiar?

The difference between blorange and your favorite rose gold hair color is that the peachy tones make it warmer, whereas rose gold tends to be cooler because it incorporates more mauve-based shades of pink, according to Rappel. You can think of blorange hair color as a delicious Creamsicle and rose gold like a pretty pink macaron.

Are you ready to book an appointment with your hair colorist? Before you do, let’s talk about flattering shades. If you’ve got a warmer skin tone, Rappel says that the peachy tones in blorange hair will help to enhance the gold in your complexion. Don’t worry because girls with pink undertones can still get in on the trend. Work with your colorist to come up with a flattering hue that suits your individual coloring. Rappel points out that the mauve tones in rose gold work with pink undertones, so ask your stylist to incorporate those into your blorange look.

The best thing about blorange hair color is that there isn’t one specific shade you have to stick with. It’s about adapting the color to suit you. Blorange is no different than varying shades of blue, purple or even blonde.

If you’ve got naturally dark hair, you know that pretty pastel hair colors often involve bleaching to get that soft unicorn finish. That also applies to blorange. Rappel says, “Natural brunettes will require more pre-lightening to their hair than a natural or previously highlighted blonde.” She adds, “Vibrant shades will almost always require pre-lightening the hair. If you do not want to use bleach, it will leave you with a more subtle finish.”

Once you’ve got your beautiful blorange hair color, note that it will require some maintenance. Unfortunately, blorange dye jobs aren’t as low-maintenance as blond ombres. Be prepared for frequent salon visits. Rappel says you’ll need to book a hair gloss refresher treatment about every four to six weeks, depending on the condition of your locks.

It’s also important that you are using the right products at home to maintain your peachy hair color. Rappel recommends stocking up on a professional color care shampoo and conditioner at home. You can also get color-preserving hair masks.

Blorange may not be the most low-maintenance hair color on the block, but the photos are all the proof you need to know that it’s worth a bit of upkeep. It’s pretty and it will have you feeling peachy keen for the rest of the winter. And just think about how pretty it will look when the sun finally comes out again.

16 Reasons Blorange Hair Color Trend Is the New Rose Gold