The Ultimate Boho Braid Tutorial Courtesy of Celeb Hairstylist Justine Marjan

Boho braid hair tutorial courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan from Creatures of Comfort Fall 2017 runway

Marjan’s glorious boho braids backstage at Creatures of Comfort Fall 2017; Image: @justinemarjan

The secret to snow-proof hair? A lustrous boho braid that won’t frizz or fall to pieces the moment it meets wmoist air or a stylish hoodie. For reference, look to last night’s Creatures of Comfort Fall 2017 runway, a love letter to fashion girls who’ve “been feeling like [they] want to be outdoors more.” Complementing the glamping-ready Lurex looks were loose, lived-in boho braids perfect for, well, life (regardless of what the weather’s doing).

The breathtaking braids were the creation of celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan, global hairstylist at TRESemmé. In addition to supplying the products behind Creatures of Comfort’s chic ‘dos, the hair experts at TRESemmé supplied us with Marjan’s coveted braid secrets. If you’ve been struggling to find a simple, step-by-step boho braid hair tutorial, look no further. Grab a blowdryer, a flatiron and some bobby pins, then scroll down for Marjan’s easy-to-understand boho braid how-to. You’ll be sporting a runway-ready, weatherproof plait in no time.

Boho braid hair as seen on Creatures of Comfort Fall 2017 runway

Image: TRESemmé

Justine Marjan’s Boho Braid Hair Tutorial

“After using a styling product, blow dry hair first using hot air to lock in the style then cold air to seal it,” suggests Marjan.

  1. Start by washing hair with shampoo and conditioner to protect hair against breakage.
  2. Create a center part and apply extra firm control mousse all over from root to tip, and work product throughout hair using your fingers.
  3. Take sections of hair into your hands and fold them up, 3 inches at a time until it hits your scalp. Blow dry each section using hot air to lock in the style, then cold air to seal it.
  4. Define the textured waves by using a flatiron to create an ‘S’ shape with various pieces of hair throughout the head.
  5. Spray roots with TRESemmé Fresh Start Basic Care Dry Shampoo for a matte, lived-in finish.
  6. Separate the front piece of hair on each side of the part and gather the remaining section to create a loose braid leaving the front pieces out for a slept-in look. Secure the braid with bobby pins leaving out 1-3 inches at the end for effortlessness.
  7. Complete the look by spraying firm control hairspray all over to keep hair in place.
Rear view of a boho braid hair tutorial courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan.

Image: TRESemmé