Why Capsule Creams and Serums Are Taking Over the Beauty World

If you’re anything like us, your beauty routine may be getting out of control, especially when it comes to travel. There’s only so much room in those clear plastic toiletry bags. Which is why we’re overly obsessed with beauty’s latest trend (that we hope stays forever): capsule creams. Yep, they’re officially popping up everywhere and we have to say we’re pretty pumped.

What exactly is a beauty capsule? It’s a small encapsulated pod that contains just the right amount of formula, so there’s no wasting product. They’re foolproof, spillproof and ideal for home or travel. If you’re trekking around for a weekend, you can bring along just the right amount of capsules to get you through your trip. It’s way better than packing full-size containers only to find you need to check a bag because of ounce restrictions.

From overnight creams and day creams to handy masks, find out why capsule creams and serums are taking over the beauty world right now.