Prevent Melty Makeup With These Best Setting Sprays

You can have a flawless smoky eye and contouring so good it looks like a Kardashian makeup artist did it, but none of that matters if it winds up melting off your face a few hours later. A makeup setting spray is key to preventing smudges and keeping that makeup application looking flawless all day (and night) long.

When we want our makeup to last, many of us reach for long-wearing formulas or primers. What we sometimes forget is the final step that seals the deal: a good setting spray. It’s like a nail polish top coat for your face. It may seem strange to spritz over freshly applied makeup, but a lightweight setting spray will seal makeup in place without smudging or distorting it. What’s more, the best formulas also provide hydration and a healthy glow.

When makeup setting sprays are used in conjunction with primers and long-wearing makeup formulas, your makeup is more likely to stand up to heat, humidity, sweat and whatever elements the day brings — no touch-ups required. Here are the best makeup setting sprays to help avoid any makeup meltdowns this season.