17 Crazy-Beautiful False Eyelashes That’ll Take Your Halloween Costume to the Next Level

Birds Paper Lashes

Birds Paper Lashes, $16.73 at Paperself

Fact: You’re never too young or too old to costume-up for Halloween. It’s the holiday where anything goes, from terrifyingly accurate Pennywise the Dancing Clown costumes (brace yourselves, people) to planting a pointy black hat on your head and calling it a day. Of course, as maximalists and fashion and beauty enthusiasts, we recommend going all-out with your lewk, from the tips of your toes to those of your eyelashes. (Haven’t you heard? Escapism is fun.)

While trying out a new, otherworldly Halloween makeup look is pretty much requisite, we’d like to remind you not to skimp on the details. If your eyes are the windows to your temporarily transformed soul, your eyelashes are the drapes — and therefore require attention; dressing up.

To that end, click through the slideshow above for 16 OTT sets of false eyelashes that’ll make your Halloween costume. Before you apply, a bit of advice from the legendary Pat McGrath: Start with eyeliner and mascara. “If you aren’t so good at lashes, it can act as a base,” she told the Cut. “And the eyeliner makes it so you don’t see gaps between the lashes.” Also, whilst applying, keep your lashes open. “Grip the lashes and hold them above your line of vision so that you can look straight ahead as you place the lashes,” Sephora makeup artist Sara Biria told Vogue. Use an applicator to apply your faux lashes and, since glue doesn’t dry instantly, wait 30 seconds before releasing your hold. Happy All Hallows Eve, y’all.

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