10 Bizarre Beauty Products You Definitely Won’t Find at Sephora

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but beauty has become pretty profitable and innovative lately. With the crazy success of celebrity collaborations, YouTube vloggers and ever-expanding makeup department stores, brands and entrepreneurs are looking to capture more and more consumer dollars. Needless to say, in the race to fill the market with interesting and trendy products, things are starting to get, well, a bit weird.

Just when you thought the last few stretches of a Sephora checkout line couldn’t get any weirder with products like Poo-Pourri, Amazon has now got you covered with eyebrow stamps and lip suction cups (hey, collagen is expensive, OK?). And better yet, are your breasts fresh? What do we mean by that? Exactly. Better try Fresh Breasts and get to the bottom of this. Here, 10 crazy beauty products to try if you dare.

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