These 10 Brow Powders Will Take Years Off Your Face

When it comes to doing makeup, if there is one facial feature that makes or breaks a look, it’s eyebrows. As if it wasn’t enough to notice how awake, sad or vampy we look when we fill them out in certain ways, we now have scientific proof that our face is perceived quite differently based on, you guessed it, the color and shape of our brows.

Thanks to this study, we now know that having light, sparse or shapeless brows makes us look older in the eyes of others. It’s all about facial contrast and makeup artists know this all too well. This is why most beauty experts agree that brows are also the most challenging feature to get right.

Add eyebrow trends to this equation (90s thin, 00s defined and angled and, lately, full and natural) and it seems that we are bound to be on the wrong side of beautiful at one point or another. Even celebrities have sported some questionable eyebrows over the years.

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However, not all who wander are lost, and we do admit that wandering through the brow makeup aisles can be overwhelming sometimes, so to make things a bit easier, we’ve put together a list of the best eyebrow powders you can dip your brush in. Brow powders are also the perfect product to experiment with if you are just starting out with makeup, as they give the most natural look and the formulas are quite forgiving if you make a mistake (of course, your hand is going to shake now that you know how important brows are).

How to choose the best eyebrow powder for you

When selecting a shade, the key is to match it to your hair color but to make sure it works on your skin tone too. One tip that may be the perfect starting point is to choose a color that is one to two shades lighter than your hair color. This will leave you enough room to build the color up as you fill out and shape your brows, without making them too dark.

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You’ll get the most out of your eyebrow powder if you apply it with an angled brow brush, using light, short strokes. You can correct any flyaway hairs with a spoolie, eyebrow pomade or eyebrow wax – we’ve included some brow kits containing all of these in our list.

Whatever style you like, be it soft and smudgeable or precise and thick, you can accomplish it with the right brow product. Click through the slideshow above to discover some of the best eyebrow powders out there.

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10 Best Eyebrow Powders That Will Take Years Off Your Face