12 Luminizing Primers That Deliver a Gorgeous Glow

In our never-ending quest to get a gorgeous glow, we’re constantly on the lookout for the best illuminating makeup. Most of the time, that has us coveting the newest highlighter launches that promise a lit-from-within, ethereal glow. But we shouldn’t rely solely on highlighters. There are other products that deliver a radiant finish, like luminizing face primers.

Rather than finish off a look with an illuminator, a luminizing face primer can deliver natural-looking radiance as the first step in your makeup routine. Luminizing face primers offer all the benefits of regular makeup primers: they minimize pores, offer a smooth base for foundation and prevent makeup from gradually fading throughout the day (or night). Why use a basic primer when you can get all the same benefits plus a gorgeous glow?

Whether a luminizing face primer is worn under foundation or alone, it delivers a dose of shine with just a few dabs. It can be applied all over the face or dotted on specific areas, like the cheekbones and T-zone, to perk up a dull complexion. And unlike some highlighters, a luminizing primer is virtually mistake-proof as it doesn’t require complicated strobing techniques.

Ready to get glowing? Start your makeup look off with one of these best luminizing face primers.

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