The 10 Best Self-Heating Beauty Products for When It’s Bone-Chilling Cold Outside

To protect your body from the Arctic chill, you stocked up on puffer coats, teddy jackets, overscale sweaters, pom-pom hats and parkas. To warm your insides, you now take all meals in steaming liquid form. But what do you do to comfort your face, hair, feet, etc.? What’s the beauty product equivalent of a pillow-piled couch, big blanket and mug of piping hot cocoa? Answer: self-heating beauty products.

Like big ol’ bear hugs for your face (hair, feet, etc.), self-heating beauty products soothe your cold-ravaged skin, help drive nutrient absorption and make exfoliation much easier (caution: don’t over-exfoliate — winter’s the time when you need your skin barrier most).

Treat yourself. From face masks to foot creams, click through the gallery above for 10 of the best self-heating beauty products to help warm your cold, skincare-loving soul this winter.