The Best (and Worst!) Beauty Looks From the 2018 Golden Globes

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The 2018 Golden Globe Awards red carpet was unlike any in recent memory. The vast majority of actors, actresses and their dates (many of them female activists) wore head-to-toe black in solidarity with the Time’s Up movement, calling for an end to sexual discrimination and harassment in Hollywood and beyond.

Not to detract from the weight of these matters but — as we suspected it would — this important cultural moment gave rise to many outstanding beauty moments. (How else does one stand out in a sea of black formalwear, if not through hair and makeup?) Hair whizzes got extra inventive, whipping out braids, pins, pony holders and hair cages (see above) to rival the Spring 2018 runways. Makeup artists favored bold lips and eyes in colors (red, purple, green) oft used to symbolize female power.

That said, the all-black red carpet was a bit like those of yore in that, occasionally, stylists and glam teams missed their mark. Click through the gallery below to see the most memorable — for better or worse — beauty looks of the politically charged evening.

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