Beyond Red: Bold Lip Colors Are Coming Your Way

Bold lip colors are striking a chord. The new generation of beauty chameleons is looking for high-intensity hues that resonate with their developed sense of individualism. Because of the rising visual influence of social media channels like Instagram and Snapchat, beauty lovers are exposed to a wider array of beauty trends and brands and are thus more likely to experiment with unconventional hues like inky blacks, metallic blues and gothic ports. It’s not uncommon for style-setters to shift between a bordeaux-stained mouth one moment to a psychedelic pop of blue the next.

How to Pull Off Black Lipstick — Without Looking Goth ]

High-impact hues and offbeat lip shades may add dramatic flair on the runways or online, but out-of-the-ordinary lip colors can be tricky to pull off IRL. The key to wearing these attention-grabbing pouts is to pair them with fresh-faced skin. The contrast of bold lips with an otherwise bare face adds the right dose of drama. It’s an easy way to incorporate bold lip colors into your everyday look. For more ways to make your face come to life, check out our inspo of decibel-defying lip colors.

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