Moon Manis Are the Anti-French Manicures You Should Definitely Try This Season

Images: Imaxtree

It’s easy to get carried away with nail art. One minute we’re content with a sparkly top coat, the next we want stiletto nails decorated with a sweater effect, rhinestones, little plastic iced lollies, piercings and no less than three holographic nail polishes. When a manicure takes an entire afternoon to do, it becomes too much. It’s time to take a step back and remember that simpler nail art can be just as striking. And moon manicures are the perfect example.

Moon manicures, half-moon manicures, reverse French…the technique has a few different names but the common identifier is that they enhance the lunula, the whitish crescent at the base of the nail, rather than the tips, like in a French manicure. Half-moon manicures are a little bit retro as they recall the nail styles from the 30s yet they seem more modern and fresh than a French manicure. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with combining the two.

As with other nail trends, the runways are broadening our definition of what reverse French manicures can look like. Some adhere to tradition while other looks experiment with different nail polishes, designs and shapes. No matter what nail art idea you choose, the first thing to do is show cuticles some TLC by gently pushing them back and moisturizing them. After that, choose a half-moon manicure and get painting. Flip through the gallery above for 22 moon manicures to inspire you, straight from the catwalk.

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