The Scoop on Glass Skin and How to Get It

Skin care trends are hard to ignore. No matter how much or how little you love makeup, it’s hard to believe there’s even one person who doesn’t want a clear, glowing complexion. If any sector of the beauty world consistently stays on top of the most photo-worthy complexions, it’s K-beauty. The newest Korean beauty skin trend is glass skin, which sounds nigh impossible to accomplish. We touched base with K-beauty expert and co-founder of the Korean beauty brand Glow Recipe Sarah Lee to tell us what the trend is and how to get it.

What is glass skin?

When thinking of the word glass, it’s common to think clear, sheer, see-through and crystal-like. But how do you get your skin to resemble that? “Glass skin is the ideal skin in Korea,” shares Lee. “It is skin that looks clear, poreless, translucent and luminous like a piece of glass.” This isn’t only the skin ideal in Korea, the description of glass skin is a benchmark for skin care connoisseurs alike. While you aren’t born with or without glass-like skin, the key to achieving the look is all in the products.

How do I get glass skin?

If you know anything about K-beauty, you know that it’s all about the products and typically a myriad of formulas to perfect your skin. “Women achieve glass skin by layering lightweight layers of hydrating products so that skin looks dewy and feels plumped from within,” shares Lee. The first step in most, if not all, K-beauty routines is double cleansing. Double cleansing doesn’t mean lather and rinse twice, but rather using one product to remove makeup and debris and a second product to cleanse and rid skin of dirt and bacteria.

Following your double cleanse, the Glow Recipe K-beauty pros suggest following the seven skin method routine, which includes multiple layers of a hydrating toner followed by a pore-refining essence and an ultra-rich moisturizer. Another expert suggestion for achieving glass skin is a hydrating exfoliating treatment that sloughs off dead skin to reveal a radiant, luminous complexion.

Can’t wait to get started? Here are some K-beauty favorites to get you well on your way to getting glass skin.