12 Holographic Nail Polishes That Outshine Any Glitter Polish

Everywhere we look, there’s a new must-have holographic item, from makeup to clothes to even hair products. Despite beauty aisles and clothing departments being saturated with that unmistakable rainbow shift, we still want more. If your makeup bag is already overflowing with holographic beauty products, there’s one more you’re going to want to make room for: holographic nail polishes.

Though not exactly new, today’s holographic nail lacquers eliminate the need to mess with pigment powders to create the shade-shifting effect. The polishes are more dazzling than ever before, creating a multi-dimensional look in a couple of swipes. Just one nail polish can reflect numerous colors for a rainbow effect like a proper hologram.

Spring may traditionally be the season of pastel nail polishes but Spring 2018 is definitely the season of holographic nail polishes. Choose from a wide range of options, including brights, pastels or the traditional unicorn silver. It’s your call if you want to coordinate your manicure with holographic makeup and clothes.

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