Australian Pink Clay Masks Are the Secret to a Fresh-Faced Complexion

Australia may be best known for its wild animals and gorgeous weather but the country is also home to one of the world’s most popular skin care ingredients — pink clay. When used in a face mask, pink clay works wonders for common skin care woes like acne. In general, “clay masks are effective for a variety of skin issues, ranging from excess oil and acne even to anti-aging. They’re super absorbent, so they can help remove pore-blocking oil from the skin. And they are also rich in minerals that help soothe inflamed skin and promote healthy skin cell functioning,” explains board-certified dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner.

While clay masks have been around for eons, the Australian kind, in particular, has gained tremendous popularity in recent years for its efficacy and universality. Not only does the stunning pink hue make for a great Instagram picture, it’s incredibly gentle and suitable for virtually everyone, including people with sensitive skin. If you can get your hands on a tube, slather some on your face whenever your skin is acting up and you’ll see, in less than 20 minutes, your complexion will transform from dull-looking to fresh-faced.

Ahead, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Australian pink clay masks for you to test out so you can also get in on all of the hype.

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