11 Ways to Keep Your Inner Thighs From Chafing This Summer (That Totally Work)

There are lots of things we look forward to in summer. Days at the beach, the fireworks on the Fourth of July and having a great excuse to completely revamp our wardrobes. But there’s one thing we dread during this sizzling season: chafing. Since most of us don’t have thigh gap, the rubbing of our inner thighs together as we’re out enjoying the weather can be a real pain in the, well, thighs. And we can also experience the nasty sensation from our bras (sports and otherwise) as they come in contact with our hot, humid skin.

But you don’t have to resort to the old tricks of applying deodorant down there or slipping on bike shorts (even though Kim Kardashian is still trying to make them a thing). Nowadays, anti-chafing products are a booming business with everything from sprays to sticks to powders and even specially designed undergarments available to tackle this oh-too-common problem. A lot of them are marketed toward athletes like runners, cyclists and swimmers since chafing is a serious issue for those really working up a sweat. Of course, chafing can also occur while we run errands, hike with friends or head to brunch.

Stop the irritation before it starts with these 11 anti-chafing saviors.