These Good-for-Skin Beauty Products Look JUST Like Smoothies

Smoothie recipes that double as face masks have been flooding platforms like Pinterest for years now and beauty brands seem to have taken notice. There’s a serious influx of superfood-inspired products that look so natural and fresh, you won’t be blamed for thinking they were edible/drinkable (and in some cases they are). This trend also coincides with a sharp increase in the interest around clean beauty (Sephora launched a clean beauty seal last month and now has a superfood ingredient product finder).

Given the toxic ingredients that have long plagued the beauty industry, this is a healthy movement we can all get behind — and no worries if you accidentally ingest any of these finds. For the most part, they won’t taste good, but they’re antioxidant-, vitamin- and mineral-rich so odds are they’ll do less harm than good.

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