8 Sunscreen Powders That Make Reapplication Easier Than Ever

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it — applying sunscreen is an absolute MUST. We’re talking a nonnegotiable skin care step that you simply cannot skip. But here’s the other (very important) part of the sun protection puzzle: Reapplication, which you really should be doing every two hours. And as militant as we are about sunscreen, reapplying that often seems, TBH, unattainable and unrealistic. That’s where sunscreen powders come in. A quick dusting will give you the protection you need, without messing up your makeup, making powders choice for touch-ups throughout the day. (Not to mention that because they’re powders, they also help tamp down unwanted mid-day shine.) Pro tip: To make sure you’re fully shielding your skin from the sun, swipe an even coating across your entire face, twice. Check out eight of our favorite sunscreen powders here.

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