Korean Hair Dyes That Double as Hair Treatments

Whether you’re inspired by your favorite K-pop entertainers or all the gorgeous hair color trends filling your Instagram feed, you’ve surely considered coloring your hair at least once or twice at some point in your life. But getting your hair colored professionally costs a bundle and doing it yourself just involves way too many risks — or does it?

The popularity of Korean beauty products over recent years has completely transformed the beauty industry, bringing everything from snail mucin to sheet masking mainstream. Next on the list? Korean hair dyes. Korean hair color treatments don’t just color your hair, they also make it super soft and smooth like never before by combining hair color and hair treatment in one. They wash out in just one to two weeks, so it’s the perfect no-commitment option for anyone who wants to experiment with color.

So whether you’re dyeing your hair for self-expression, hair experimentation or just plain fun, you can now do it with confidence at home. Read on for nine life-changing Korean hair color treatments to try.

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