11 Beauty Products That’ll Give Your Skin That Coveted Bounce

Flawless skin is hydrated, balanced, radiant and even. Bouncy is another word to add to the list of adjectives. It may initially seem like an odd way to describe skin, but bouncy skin equals youthful, perky skin. That’s something everyone’s after, right?

Kat Burki, CEO and founder of Kat Burki, elaborates that when skin care products claim to improve skin’s bounce, they’re referring to improving its elasticity and firmness for a supple, taut appearance. Having more bounce becomes more important with age. “As we age, we tend to produce less collagen and elastin, which naturally give skin its bounce and elasticity,” says Burki. “To improve bounce, the ideal formula would contain ingredients that boost collagen and elastin while hydrating, plumping and smoothing skin.” Neuropeptides are one of those key ingredients because they repair and rebuild your skin’s elasticity.

You probably already have products for bouncy hair, now it’s time to set your sights on your skin. These 11 skin care products boost bounce while tackling other skin care concerns.