A+ Instagram-Inspired Makeup Looks to Wear All Semester Long

Back-to-school shopping is always a great time (who doesn’t like buying cute gel pens and lined notebooks?) but the real fun comes down to deciding how you’re going to look on your first day. We’ve all been there: agonizing over your closet the day before school trying to figure out what to wear for your first day back, hoping that your outfit leaves a good impression. While narrowing down your clothing options for this upcoming semester, don’t neglect your makeup — it can pull your overall aesthetic together or serve as the building block for the rest of the look.

That said, figuring out what makeup to wear when the semester starts can be as tough as locating your classrooms for the first time. Should you go bold? Keep it simple? Forgo makeup altogether? To get your creative juices flowing, these Instagram makeup gurus show us seven different looks to inspire you this school year. Maybe one will even become your signature.

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