For the second season in a row, up-and-coming designer Vassilios Kostetsos worked with Mehron Makeup to create an extreme beauty look inspired by the likes of Lady Gaga, Kat Von D, and Adam Lambert. The looks complemented his F/W 2010 collection, which was inspired by Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone.  


Led by head make-up artist Raedawn Johnson, the Mehron team used much of their own cosmetics to create dramatic looks. The team created extended black smoky eyes, using Black Detailz Eyeliner, black eye shadow from Mehron’s Eye Shadow Palette, and Mehron’s E.Y.E. Lashes. Metallic Powder in silver combined with Mixing Liquid was placed over the eyelids to add shimmer and depth. Rubis Lip Liner was combined with L.I.P. Cream in poppy to make the lips stand out. Precious Gem powder in topaz with Mehron’s new foundation, Celebré Pro HD, was used on the skin.

For the men, Kostetsos wanted to stay consistent with the theme of his line and maintain a battle-ready look. To achieve this, the Mehron team used Metallic Powder in copper and silver, along with Mixing Liquid, to paint Greek casques onto the model’s faces.  Johnston made a stencil to outline the casque, which stretched down the nose, across the forehead, and down the sides of the face, which was then filled in with Metallic Powder. Once sprayed and finished with Barrier Spray, the Metallic Powder is what contributed to the steel-like appearance of a helmet.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.