These Are the Best Foundations in Every Finish

We all want flawless skin, but only a few of us are lucky enough to have it. While having a dedicated skin care routine helps, sometimes we just need a little help from foundation to achieve that smooth, perfected look. These days, there are so many kinds of foundations: liquid, cream, powder — even sticks! — it’s hard to know which formula to choose.

Foundation also comes in various finishes, depending on the type of coverage you’re looking for. A sheer foundation is great for those looking for minimal coverage yet want to correct spots and redness. Dewy foundations can give low to medium coverage and are perfect for those with dry skin. Satin-finish foundations are between dewy and matte and the standard finish for most foundations. Finally, matte foundations are go-tos among women with oily skin types, for obvious reasons.

With so many options to choose from, it all boils down to preference and what you think your skin really needs at the moment. To make things easier for you, we rounded up the best foundations in every finish. Check out our recommendations above.

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