Lip Powders Are Here to Make Lipstick Application a Breeze

Bored with traditional lipstick? Why not give lip powders a go? The term is actually a bit misleading since they’re not all in loose powder form. Lip powders come in palettes, liquids, K-beauty fave sponge applicators and uniquely angled bullet formulas.

The main thing all lip powders have in common is that they go on more like eyeshadow than lipstick. But that doesn’t mean they feel weird on your lips. Most are lightweight and pack on the pigment and they’re ideal for replicating that blurred lip look from the runways. And there’s no need to worry about the color smudging or transferring while you’re at work or out on a date. Plus, you can pick from matte, metallic and shimmery finishes. There are even some versions that can also be used on your cheeks and lids for monochromatic makeup vibes.

If you’re ready to treat your kisser to the latest in lipstick technology, read on to discover the 14 best lip powders out there.

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