For his sophomore collection, noted up-and-comer Timo Weiland turned once again to Leonardo Manetti of ION Studio to create the hair look to complement his inspiration for the season. Manetti used Davines products for the 1960s-inspired updo – specifically, the brands Defining Creative Moulding Foam and their Defining Glam Power Spray. See below for a step by step guide to getting the look.


STEP 1: Manetti coated hair with the Davines Defining Creative Moulding Foam. It’s an alcohol-free foam that moulds, sculpts and sets hair with strong memory for all day hold and control.

STEP 2: Next he brushed and backcombed the hair lightly while drying it to add volume.

STEP 3: The hair was then sprayed with Davines Glam Power Spray to increase volume and add texture.

STEP 4: Manetti parted the hair into three sections, working his way from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

STEP 5: He parted the front section over the left brow and brushed it flat towards the right securing it in a ponytail behind the right ear.

STEP 6: He then backcombed the remaining two sections to create more volume, and twisted the sections together into in organic French twist.

STEP 7: After securing it in place with Bobby Pins, Manetti then took the ponytail and wrapped it across the French Twist, separating the twist into two different sections and then securing it in place within the twist.

Photos by Sharon Feiereisen.