11 Solid Beauty Products for When You Can’t Deal With Liquids

Is it just us, or is skin care getting more complicated? Considering trends like the 10-step Korean beauty routine and cleansers and serums for a.m., p.m., and all the hours in between, we don’t think we’re alone in wondering if things could be a little more streamlined. And with the influx of so many new products, it seems overwhelming. But think of it this way: It’s better that we have more options. After all, just a few decades ago there was typically only one kind of soap available—and you used it on your face and body. Discovering a new favorite skin care product is always exciting, and sometimes new beauty products strike that special balance between innovation and simplified perfection. Case in point: cleansers, shampoos, sunscreens, perfumes and other beauty products now come in solid form.

A great thing about solid beauty products is their convenience. You don’t have to deal with messy liquids or worry about spillage when you travel. Most solid beauty products are also in smaller sizes yet last as long as liquid versions. Whether you’ve been wanting to switch to solid beauty products for travel or convenience purposes or are just curious about the beauty industry’s latest upheaval, the market today is filled with so many options. Here, some of the most popular, ingenious solid beauty products that promise to make your life easier.

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