6 Gender-Neutral Beauty Brands That Are Shaking Up the Industry

We’re used to seeing skin care products separated into categories “for men” and “for women,” with the former typically presented in “masculine” black and blue colors. And then there’s makeup products, usually marketed exclusively to women. But times are changing: The call for diversity has become stronger than ever, and the beauty industry is not immune to it. Now, skin care and makeup products have been developed as “gender neutral” — an exciting development for all.

This genderless beauty initiative is more than just a marketing gimmick. More and more people have recognized that the concept of traditional gender roles is quickly becoming outdated. Plus, is there really any reason skin care should be different for men and women? In an article by the Independent, dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto explained that, although men and women do have differences in their skin, one’s skin care routine isn’t dependent on gender — skin type is the most important factor when choosing products.

Ready to try out some gender-neutral beauty products? Here are five brands to check out.

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