14 Chic Cuts to Inspire Your Next Chop

Images: Imaxtree

As the seasons shift, it may not just be your wardrobe that needs an update, but also your hairstyle. If you were looking for a sign to chop your locks off, take the change in temperature as your cue. It may seem a bit risky, but the short-haired ladies of the runway show us that the look is feminine, always on trend and oh so chic.

Case in point: Model Ruth Bell used to have long, silky, blond hair, but once it was chopped off by hairstylist Paul Hanlon, she became even more recognizable and was booked for more fashion shows. She admitted, however, that there were some doubts: “I thought I’d shave my head for McQueen, and it would be a really cool thing that I could say I did once. And that would be it. I didn’t expect it to make me a bigger model. Now, it feels like I have this great responsibility on my shoulders [because I have a bigger profile].”

Ready to up your cool factor? Look through this slideshow to get some inspiration for your next salon visit.

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