3 Affordable Moisturizers to Banish Bad Skin Days

We all realize how important skin care is, especially if you suffer from less-than-happy skin some days. But what if your acne products are exacerbating your skin issues? We’re taught that a skin care regimen is right up there with brushing your teeth as far as daily essentials, but sometimes acne products can cause breakouts — anyone who’s  dealt with peeling, flaky skin from a chemical exfoliator knows that all too well. That’s where a moisturizer comes in.

“It is still important to moisturize acne-prone skin to keep the skin barrier intact,” dermatologist Elizabeth Hale, M.D., tells InStyle. “If someone is breaking out but drying out their skin with acne products, scrubbing with harsh exfoliants, and not moisturizing, their skin will get irritated and look more inflamed.”

But it’s important to pick the right moisturizer. Besides acne, the wrong moisturizer can also cause redness, inflammation and other issues. If you are already suffering from acne, an unsuitable moisturizer can make the problem substantially worse. Oil-based moisturizers or those with a thick texture might feel nice initially, but they can clog your pores and don’t let your skin breathe. Here are the most effective and pocket-friendly moisturizers you can use to fight acne.

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