8 Long-Lasting Lipsticks That Will Survive Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s happened to us all: You’re at dinner with your family and/or friends, your steaming hot, delicious food arrives and immediately you dig in… completely forgetting that you applied your favorite lipstick before dinner. And it’s all business as usual until you have to take a bathroom break and realize that the color’s smudged everywhere. And that, friends, is why it’s important to always make sure your lipstick is 100% dinner-proof.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, this is an issue that that we want to make everyone aware of — so consider this your PSA. And since we want to save you from this embarrassing plight, we’ve scoured the web and tried just about any and all the lipsticks that claim to be long-wearing. We’ve found some of the best options out there that will take you from appetizers to dessert… without leaving you with vampire-esque smudged lippie all around your mouth and chin.

From deep, festive reds that will look great paired with your favorite holiday outfit to a more your-lips-but-better neutral that you can use to complete any makeup look, click through the slideshow ahead and get ready to scrape your plate and ask for seconds without worry.

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