Watch Meghan Markle Do Her Makeup in the Back of an Uber

Is accomplishing a three-minute Uber touch-up a prerequisite to becoming a duchess? We’re asking because we discovered this 2016 video of Meghan Markle getting her glow on in an Uber with Bobbi Brown by her side.

We have spent hours trying to perfect the on-the-go beauty ritual in moving cars. And yet, we could never do it as well as the duchess. The video was published by Hello! Canada, but it was originally shot in 2016 a few months after Meghan started seeing Prince Harry.

“I have a meeting today. We’re on hiatus from Suits so I am meeting some producers about a film. Fingers crossed,” Meghan tells Bobbi in the video. Famous people things aside, this backseat-beauty regimen is one anyone can relate to.