This Instagram Account Is Spilling Serious Tea About the Beauty Industry

Instagram’s favorite knockoff reveal page Diet Prada brings the tea when it comes to fashion, but what about the ever-growing beauty industry? Who’s covering the drama there? Turns out Instagram has got the deets. Let us introduce you to Estée Laundry, the Instagram account “airing out the beauty industry’s dirty laundry.” And so far, we’re satisfied.

The page does not just slam copycats, it also keeps track of the scandals of the beauty world. The Ordinary social media debacle, for instance. What happened there? Did you know the packaging of Kim Kardashian’s Flashing Lights makeup range is glaringly similar to Rodin Olio Lusso’s? How far has genderless, natural skin care come? If you love the world of beauty, you will love Estée Laundry.

The page is, of course, managed anonymously. But unlike Diet Prada, it doesn’t just talk about influences and dupes; it actually breaks out the hard conversations, like virtual bullying and cultural appropriation. It has been active since April and has already acquired more than 30,000 followers. Here are some winning moments.

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