Why Is This Facial Treatment Essence on Every A-Lister’s Dresser?

If you’ve been binge-watching all the A-lister beauty routines on YouTube, you’ve probably noticed a tall, opaque bottle on each of their dressers. And we couldn’t help but wonder, what is this curious “miracle water” that seems to be a hit with almost every celeb, from Kate Bosworth to Chloë Grace Moretz?

As you know, skin care essences are huge right now. They are less concentrated than serums and can be used after toner for an added layer of hydration. The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, which has become an essential part of every celeb’s beauty regimen, is made of over 90 percent pitera — basically a combination of amino acids, essential oils and organic acids. It’s the signature ingredient in SK-II’s essence.

The essence is not just an anti-aging wonder, it also aids in skin renewal and gives an amazingly smooth texture and blemish-free skin. It leaves your skin so refreshed and glowing that you won’t need any filter on Instagram. Dianna Agron, for instance, preps her skin with the Facial Treatment Essence before her shoots and calls it the holy grail. “Gets your skin just really glowy, dewy, hydrated,” she explained in a Vogue video.

You can buy the Facial Treatment Essence on SK-II’s official site for $179.

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