Here’s Why You Should Ask for a Dry Haircut

Images: Imaxtree

Is wet hair really necessary for a good haircut? Not only does it make it harder for us to get a sense of what the stylist’s vision is, but we also have to put in a lot of time waiting for it to dry. Moreover, it’s hard for people with wavy or naturally curly to gauge the length or what the finished style will look like once dry. Dry haircuts are a great alternative as they give you and your stylist more control over your hair as it is being cut.

It’s very simple, really. Instead of wetting your hair before the cut, your stylist just won’t. It saves a lot of time on the post-cut blowout and it also helps us understand our style along the way. We can actually moderate how much volume we want removed and get the details right. Next time, consider asking your stylist for a dry cut.

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